Hey there, I'm Pavel
digital product designer & leader
based in Krakow.

I guide the development of digital experiences that align with business aims, positioning design as a key component of strategy and growth. I integrate continuous user research with team synergy, ensuring a unified effort to develop digital experiences ✶ that captivate.

My Experience




February 2021–July 2022

IG Group

July 2014–December 2020

Viaden Media

March 2012–June 2014


AUgust 2011–october 2012

Design Philosophy

User-Centered Design

Focus on understanding and fulfilling user needs utilizing the design process.

Iterative Approach

Commit to refining designs through rapid prototyping, testing, and feedback loops.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Encourage creative solutions by uniting design, tech, and business teams.

Data-Driven Decisions

Guide design strategies with insightful analytics and user research.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Aim for digital experiences that welcome everyone, without exception.

Future-Forward Technology Integration

Integrate cutting-edge tech to enhance user experiences and foresee needs.

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